Workout Tips – Video : Complete Back Workout Routine | Exercises for a Bigger Back!


Complete Back Workout Routine | Exercises for a Bigger Back!



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If you’re looking for a new back workout to try out the next time you’re at the gym, look no further!

This is a great back workout that anyone can do no matter your goals! And while I may have followed a specific rep range, you can switch it up depending on what you like to do.

But what I did, was pyramid style training with a burnout set at the end. Basically that means I start with around 12-15 reps and go for really clean form. Then I bump up weight a little bit and drop the rep range down to about 8-10. Bump weight again and move down to the 6-8 rep range. Then, like I said, the last set I will decrease weight significantly and aim for around 15 reps of controlled form as a burnout set.

For each exercise you will be doing 4 total reps and resting for a minute in between.

The Exercises:
-Lat Pulldown
-Straight Bar Cable Row
-Straight Arm Pushdowns

Try out this workout and let me know what you think down below!

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