Workout Tips – Video : 5-Minute Home Fat Loss Workout For Destroying Love Handles


5-Minute Home Fat Loss Workout For Destroying Love Handles



Burn Belly Fat & Get In Shape:

Hey, guys! Mark here with another series of at-home workouts to help burn off that stubborn belly fat, build a strong muscular core, and get rid of those ugly love handles.

These workouts are all body-weight only, and require no special equipment. So…. no excuses about not having what you need to workout, or not having time to get to the gym.

Each workout consists of 3 exercises that you’ll do back-to-back, with no rest in between exercises. Then you’ll have a rest period at the end of each cycle.

So… let me explain each of these moves to you in detail, and then follow along as I perform one full cycle of the workout.

1:26 – Alternating Donkey Kicks x 12 reps per leg
2:04 – Full Body Extensions x 12 reps
2:37 – Mountain Climbers x 12 reps

There you have it, fellas. Remember – to complete the ENTIRE workout, it’s 4 cycles in total. Don’t get too comfortable, because I’m also going to be doing a different workout next to challenge those of you who may think this wasn’t hard enough.

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