Workout Tips – Video : Workout Wednesday: Gabby Thomas Strength Circuit


Workout Wednesday: Gabby Thomas Strength Circuit



Full Workout Details:

The workout consists of seven components: Initial Movements, Hurdle Mobility, Dynamic Stretching, Multi-Jump Routines, General Strength, Medicine Ball, Cooldown

Initial Movements

6×30 meters – Static Flex series (Knee Pull in/out, Back Arch, Spinal Roll-unwind, Elbow pull/obliques, L-over-R/R-over-L, Calf Stretch, Lunge stretch, Straddle, Pretzel, Butterfly)

Hurdle Mobility

2×6 hurdles (hurdle walkover alternating lead leg, hurdle walkover constant lead leg, lateral skip straight leg, lateral skip flex leg, over under, lateral over-triple under, side straddle, around the world, alternate static-dynamic walkovers)

Dynamic Stretching

Multi-Jump Routines

1x 20m, then 1x 30m (Power Skip for height, Power Skip for distance, Straight Leg Bound, DL forward/backward, SL forward/backward, medials, LLRR)

General Strength

10 reps each – single leg squats, toe touches, push-ups, leg toss, back hypers, yogis, side ups, lunge good mornings, plyo push-ups, lunge walks, push-up toe walks, prone hip extension – flex knee, double leg eagles

20 reps left side, 20 reps right side, 20 sec break, repeat – prone elbow stand leg lift, supine elbow stand, prone handstand, supine handstand, lateral elbow stand top leg lifts, lateral elbow stand bottom leg lifts, lateral handstand top leg lifts, supine handstand flex knee, prone elbow stand flex knee hip extension, crunch low reach, crunch low reach with twist

Med Ball
10 reps each – standing shoulder toss (L-R), reach and hike, back toss, seated toss (L-R), leg toss, torso circles (cw-ccw), kneeling ohf, leg ad-ab, kneeling good morning, kneeling overhead back exchange, arm ad-ab, which way?

3 minute meditation


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