Workout Tips – Video : The Studio By Ellen Barrett: Yogini Workout


The Studio By Ellen Barrett: Yogini Workout



If you want to blast fat, firm up & de-stress, this all-in-one workout is perfect for you!
Dont worry Yogini Workout is not a yoga class. Its a workout that utilizes just a pinch of power yoga, along with core-Pilates & bootcamp style energizers, for the ultimate belly buns and thighs blitz. No equipment necessary, no shoes required. This signature Studio workout is challenging yet relaxing. Can exercise & tranquility co-exist? Yes! And you wont believe how good you feel when they collide! We begin with breathing invigoration, flow into a 30-minute zenful standing series, then spend 15 minutes on the mat, targeting our trouble spots the belly, buns & thighs. The workout is 45 minutes total, moderate tempo…and suitable for all fitness levels.