Workout Tips – Video : Super Beginner Ring Workout – 12 exercises with sets, reps, & sequencing.


Super Beginner Ring Workout – 12 exercises with sets, reps, & sequencing.



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A beginner’s workout on the gymnastics rings. 12 exercisies for a complete upper body workout.

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( For an intermediate workout click here )This beginner workout is intended for individuals who are just starting to exercise, and may find it too difficult to do pull ups or multiple sets of pull ups, for example. In the video I explain how the exercises can be tailored for men/ women of any fitness level.

Beginner: Sissy Pushup to 1 arm Push up Hack / Progression

Workout for this video:
Pause the video at the end or beginning for my recommendations for the order of exercise selection. I originally intended that for one exercise to be performed at a time. However many of the exercises can be easily supersetted (performed back to back), but may require ring height adjustment.

In general, you could do the workouts listed at the beginning of the video 3 times a week.(range of 2-4x) Its really determinant on how fast you could recover. You may be able to train hard every other day if you are a noobie. But, I could only do a total upper body workout 2 to 3x a week: 1 hard day, 1 medium day and 1 light. Train based on how u feel. If you feel great, train hard. If you’re a little sore, skip it or train an easier exercise variation and shorten the workout. If a muscle is sore train something else. Recovery is almost as important as training.

viewer comment: How does one recover faster?:
Recovery: Well I have personally sabotaged my training over the years by not sleeping enough, eating enough, and specifically not getting enough protein. I have taken an Ice baths only twice. I did feel it helped me recover, but it was torture. Also, lots of water will help too. If your a noobie in strength training, everything will make you sore for maybe 2-4 weeks. Just stay consistent and it will get better. However listen to your body. Thanks for the comment. I hope this helped.

Number of Repetitions??:
Generally 1-20. 6 and under for strength, 6-12 for size, 12-20 for size/endurance and muscle pump. For a beginner I would focus on less reps with perfect form, therefore you will have to lower the intensity…. A popular workout idea is a harder exercise at the beginning with less reps, and towards the end of the workout higher reps for a pump. Another example for a 3 day periodized training is hard day is 6 reps and under; medium day is about 7-12, light day is 10-20 ( do less than maximal, example is do 12 when u could have done 15.

What about TRX: no do rings or some cheap suspension trainer alternative. like dog leashes. If you have access to a TRX you can do some of the stuff I’ve shown on them. The problem with the TRX is that the two straps join in the middle after about 2.5 feet, making any exercise where you have to be in between the rings impossible or difficult. Such exercises include: L-sits, dips, chest flyes, wide pullups,muscle ups, front and back levers etc. Personally 2 dog leashes would work better than a TRX for the exercises in this video. With the 2 leashes you can set the distance between the 2 straps. Nylon dog leashes are quite strong too ( not liable for injury )

0:00 Push ups
0:30 Rows
1:05 Chest Flyes
1:30 Rear Flyes
1:55 Face Pulls
2:09 Row to Tricep Extension
2:31 Pelican Curls
2:55 Dips and progressions
3:20 Tricep Extensions
3:50 Chin up progressions
4:25 Hanging Leg Raises
5:00 L sit

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