Workout Tips – Video : She’s TOUGH! (and a Bikini Model) | 10-Minute Cardio Kickboxing HIIT Workout


She’s TOUGH! (and a Bikini Model) | 10-Minute Cardio Kickboxing HIIT Workout



**Take your FITNESS to the next level with crazy challenging 10-minute cardio kickboxing workout. This is just one of many HIIT style workouts that Marcia Congalves, 2x Olympia IFBB Pro, uses in her training. So if you want to radically transform your body and improve your cardio you need to watch this video**

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To get better balance, power, agility and overall fitness, kickboxing is king among workouts. Experts who have studied the sport say nearly everyone can benefit from throwing a punch or a kick

Unlike most other types of exercise, kickboxing emphasizes powerful movements. Power is different from strength, where pure strength is what a weightlifter uses, but producing power is about both force and speed.

Cardio Kickboxing training tends to involve shorts bouts of intense, repetitive movement—like hitting a punching bag over and over again and kicking and kneeing.

Research shows that high-intensity interval training (HIIT), where you do these short, intense periods of activity, can have BIG benefits. Some research shows that even just 60 seconds of HIIT can offer the same gains in heart and lung health as 45 minutes of less-intense exercise.

Here is one of Marcia’s personal favorite workouts that she uses to stay in shape and to get her ready for competitions. Even though she has been doing this for decades, you can do the SAME workout but at your own intensity and speed.


Here is the workout:

10 Minutes – 5 Rounds of Each, Alternating Back and Forth

1 Minute of Bag Work (Punching / Kicking / Jabs, etc.)

1 Minute of Floor Work (Push-Ups, Shoulder Taps, Climbers, etc.)

And that’s it!!!


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