Workout Tips – Video : Full Body Indoor Workout


Full Body Indoor Workout



Indoor workout!! All you need for this workout is a bench or ottoman, hip circle, and dumbbell.

Circuit 1 – 3 Rounds:

3-5 Seated Single Arm Press or 10 Double Arm Press with 25lb Dumbbell

5 Single Leg Deadlifts with 25lb Dumbbell

Circuit 2 – 3 Rounds:

10-20 Hip Thrusts – Knee Banded with 25lb Dumbbell

10-20 Elevated Push-ups – I kept the band on just because I was too lazy to take it off between rounds. Give it a try!

Circuit 3 – 3 Rounds:

10-20 Goblet Squats – Knee Banded with 25lb Dumbbell

20 Lateral Band Steps

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