Workout Tips – Video : Burning Fats Faster + My Ab Workout | Laureen Uy


Burning Fats Faster + My Ab Workout | Laureen Uy



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Happy 2018 guys! I really didn’t get to workout so much during the ber months and plano ko bumawi this new year, so I decided to motivate myself and share with you guys my ab workout routine plus some tips on how you can burn fats faster. My goal this year is to have a balanced diet and a better body. Hope I can do it and I hope you guys are encouraged too after watching this video. Balik alindog 2018!!!

I shared with you guys my recent purchase, the Sweat Skin Air 9 leggings and it’s the best sweat booster ever. You actually don’t feel all the sweat on your tummy and legs while working out but once you remove the leggings after your exercise, you’ll really see that you sweat so much. Basically it maximizes your daily exercise routine. Honestly, I’m so happy I discovered it because it speeds up the process of achieving my body goals lol. Anyway, if you’re interested on the product– don’t hesitate to contact them on their Facebook page: and actual account:

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Video editor: Kirstin Alonzo