Diet and Healthy Recipes – Video : How to Bulk Up | Bulking Diet Plan | Bulking Meal Plan | How to build muscle fast


How to Bulk Up | Bulking Diet Plan | Bulking Meal Plan | How to build muscle fast



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This video is mostly about the nutrition component of building muscle and not so much about the working out. Let’s start with the basics. There is a clean bulk and a dirty bulk. Clean bulking is when you eat food that will give you all the calories, energy, and amino acids you need to build muscle. Where as dirty bulking is when your eating plan allows for you to eat anything that will make you gain weight.

Muscle growth is a product of efficient nutrition and exercise habits. I am a big believer that once you get to more advanced stages of bulking, it is very difficult to bulk without gaining some body fat. This holds true even for clean bulking diets. I generally am able to maintain a low body fat percentage year round, but when I would do bulking phases even clean bulking phases, I would always put on some extra fat with the muscle. Everyone that I know that has done a bulking phase has experienced similar effects. So when you bulk up don’t be afraid of putting on a little bit of fat, it is almost inevitable.

When trying to bulk up, especially for all you hard gainers out there, it is very important to make sure you are eating the right things, in the right amounts, and hitting the weights hard. If you really want to do a precise dialed in bulking plan, you’re going to have to count calories until you learn how many macros and calories you’re getting out of each meal. I’m going to give you an incredibly simplified way to do this, without using a calorie calculator. If you’re a man trying to bulk start off by multiplying your weight by 18. And if you’re a woman trying to bulk up multiply your weight by 16. We’re going to use me as an example. I weigh 210lbs and I’m a man in case you were wondering so I would multiply 210 by 18 which would give me 3,780 calories.

Now, protein requirements while bulking don’t need to be incredibly high. We want anywhere from 0.8-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Just to keep it simple lets go with 1gram. So 1g x 210lbs = 210 grams of protein. We want to keep fat relatively low while bulking so lets multiply my body weight x 0.3 which gives me 68 grams of fat.Take your daily protein intake and multiply it by 4 because there are 4 calories in every gram of protein. And your daily fat intake and multiply it by 9 because there are 9 calories in every gram of fat and then add these two numbers together. So 68×9 = 612 calories from fat and 168 x 4 = 840 calories from protein and when we add these numbers together we get 1,452 calories from protein and carbs. Now we subtract this number from my goal calories of 3,780 and we get 2,328 calories that have to be coming from carbs. We divide that number by 4 because there are 4 calories in each gram of carbs and we get 582 grams of carbohydrates. So my macros for bulking would be 210 grams of protein, 68 grams of fat, and 582 grams of carbs. If I want to add some fat and take some carbs away I can do that just keep in mind each gram of fat is 9 calories and each gram of carbs is only 4 calories. So for each gram of fat you add you have to subtract about 2 grams of carbs to stay within your allotted calories.

I would give this diet plan a shot for 3-4 weeks before re evaluating and adjusting. If you notice after three or four weeks that you haven’t gained much muscle weight u can increase your daily allotted calories by 250 and then go back, do the same math that we just did, and find your new daily macros.

1. 4 slices of 100% whole wheat bread w/ 4 whole eggs + 2 servings of oatmeal + 1 banana blended in a shake. This was always the hardest meal for me

2. Post workout meal (immediately after my workout) – Protein shake with 2 scoops of protein + Cell tech hardcore shake

3. 30-45 minutes after than I would have 3/4 of a cup of brown rice w/ 6oz of chicken breast

4. 3/4 of a cup of brown rice w/ 6oz of ground turkey

5. 6-8 oz of Yams w/ 6 oz of whitening fish

6. 1/2 a cup of brown rice w/ chicken breast or ground beef

7. 2 scoops Casein protein shake with water and sometimes another serving of oats blended in

8. 4 am wake up from sleeping and have a shake with whole milk and 2 scoops muscle milk.

How I am still alive, I do not know. As you can see there are hardly any vegetables in the diet, because veggies will fill you up for a lot less calories. Remember when your bulking you want to eat a lot of calories, and that’ll be impossible if you’re full from a couple veggies.