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Eating more frequently, such as every three hours, can help you lose weight if it’s done correctly. The proper portion sizes, types of foods and other factors should be considered when planning a healthy diet plan
Eating more frequently, like every three hours, can help to keep your metabolism high, which in turn helps keep your energy levels high all day long.A high metabolism means your body is constantly burning more calories throughout the day.

The types of meals you eat are equally, if not more, important than how often you eat. A weight loss plan should include a well-balanced meal plan consisting of nutritionally dense foods that are low in sugar and salt and fat.

In general, you should be consuming plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nonfat dairy and lean protein sources.

Eating more frequently throughout the day can help you to avoid binge eating and/or food cravings because your body is constantly being fueled at more frequent intervals.

According to a study published in 2001 in the British Medical Journal concluded that people who ate more frequently tend to be thinner and have lower levels of cholesterol and blood triglycerides levels than those who ate less frequently.

Don’t eat in front of the TV or directly out of a package or box of food because people tend to eat more than they should.

Exercise regularly to see results on your body along with keeping a 3 hour gap between each meal.

Remember to have around 20-25 grams protein immediately after your workout.

Eat breakfast within 1 hour of rising.

And lastly, stick to a diet that consists of minimally processed foods and limit your junk-food intake


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