Diet and Healthy Recipes – Video : 1000 CALORIES DIET PLAN For Women (Lose Up to 4 Kgs In A Month)


1000 CALORIES DIET PLAN For Women (Lose Up to 4 Kgs In A Month)



1000 CALORIES DIET PLAN FOR WEIGHT LOSS. Are you wondering how to lose weight, try this diet plan.

What is a 1000 calorie diet? This diet is precisely for women who are small framed and aim at losing weight. This diet would suit people who do not exercise regularly. Nutritional balance is of utmost importance in such a diet. Drinking adequate amount of water is necessary during such a strict diet plan and it is advised not to prolong these weight loss programs for long since it can cause health issues for you in the future.

Eating healthy is the right way to lose weight! This is the best technique that can be tried out for those looking at a weight loss program. Generally every dietitian would advice their clients to divide the meals into 6 parts in a day. This would ease out your hunger pangs and also make them lose weight in the bargain. It is an intelligent way to keep your weight under control.

It is also important to understand that you need to keep away from food that has excess fat content in them. Aerated drinks too should be avoided. Some people may find it difficult to suddenly cut down on the calorie intake. They can maybe reduce the calorie consumption gradually.

Obesity can be a slow killer! When you realize you are beginning to put on weight, take charge of your health and work towards loosing those extra pounds. You need to kick start your day with enough energy to keep you going. Low calories Indian recipes for weight loss have quite a few varieties and combination to choose from.

A 1000 calorie diet is considered to be very low and it could bring your energy levels down to quite an extent. You can also become deficient in some essential nutrients that your body requires to function normally. Therefore it is vital to include all the necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients in your diet plan for weight loss.

In order to get a clearer picture of 1000 calorie meal plan, let us go through one such diet plan listed below:

# Breakfast: In a 1000 calorie diet plan, breakfast would include- 1 banana, 1/2 cup of low fat yogurt, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 cup fresh berries, 1 teaspoon flax seeds and ½ a cup of water. Blend all of these in a mixer and make a wonder smoothie out of it. Enjoy this low calorie breakfast diet! The Indian weight loss diet plan could be a little different form this one.

# Snack time: During this time where your hunger pangs get active, munch onto about 2 cups of pop corn.

# Lunch: A delicious tuna salad can make you feel fuller! Chop up an apple into small pieces, place in 3 oz of tuna, 2 cups of lettuce, 1 teaspoon of low fat mayonnaise and a ¼ cup of low fat yogurt. Mix all these ingredients well and top it up with some walnuts. This is a great weight loss diet plan for women and men.

# Burgers for Dinner: You can use 4 oz of lean beef, ½ an onion, 1 carrot that is grated, 1 beaten egg white, lettuce 2 cups, 1 tomato and finally ½ a cup of cooling cucumber. Make a cutlet with the beef, onion carrot and ketchup. You can dry fry it or even barbecue it.

Chose a 1000 calorie diet plan cleverly and watch yourself become healthier by the day!

Jyoti Chabria is a Consultant Dietitian for many major hospitals, colleges and corporates in India. She is a national award winner for her nutrition product line ‘Nutriline’. With over 20 years of experience, she aims to create public awareness in the field of health care and conduct several camps and workshops.

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