Workout Tips – Video : WWE Sheamus Workout (BEHIND THE SCENES!)


WWE Sheamus Workout (BEHIND THE SCENES!)



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WWE Superstar Sheamus recently stopped by the X-Box to train with pro athlete trainer Jeff Cavaliere. These are some of the highlights of a posterior chain workout that Jeff took the 10 year veteran through.

The importance of training the posterior chain cannot go understated when it comes to training like an athlete. Most all athletic actions are performed in front of the body or moving forward. This tends to lead to imbalances and potential injury down the road. By training the entire posterior chain as a unit (rather than splitting it up into just back or just glute training) we are getting muscles to work together that prefer to and able to be much more explosive in our workouts.

This particular workout consisted of three circuits of 4 exercises. Each one hitting a different rep range and going from heavy to light with a conditioning move at the end. The key to training like an athlete is staying on your feet as often as possible and performing movements that sometimes require you to drop your ego at the door in the name of improving the strength of the smaller muscles that often get overlooked.

Sheamus left it all on the gym floor in this one. After wrestling the night before in Atlanta, the Celtic Warrior flew to Hartford for RAW the next night, undeterred by the travel and was determined to get his workout in. What you see here is just a glimpse of the intensity and effort put forth and required to finish this grueling workout.

The complete workout will be viewable on Sheamus’ Celtic Warrior Workouts channel. Trainer Jeff Cavaliere and Sheamus perform the workout together, pushing both each other and themselves to the max.

With exercises like barbell dead rows, gorilla rows, and high pull sprinter lunges along with the humbling “light” exercises that hit the smaller muscles of the upper and lower back but are no less difficult, this posterior chain workout shows exactly why “training like an athlete” means leaving no stone unturned. There are no unimportant muscles. Train them all.

Finally, the battle ropes are not only used as a conditioning tool but their capability of hitting the posterior chain (instead of the often used anterior chain options) is highlighted. See how to get your heart rate up while still building the muscles necessary to improve overall performance, posture and durability while minimizing injury risk.

There is nothing more grueling than the well publicized travel schedule of a WWE athlete. With performances in different cities 4-5 nights of the week, a commitment to training is necessary. That said, the need to prioritize recovery is paramount. This is just one example of the intensity needed to train hard without having to train long. The goal should always be to get your work in and then get out of the gym so you can recover and come back stronger for your next workout without compromising your ability to perform in the ring.

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