Workout Tips – Video : Workout for Fasting – 12 Minute Follow Along HIIT Workout


Workout for Fasting – 12 Minute Follow Along HIIT Workout



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Workout for Fasting – 12 Minute Follow Along HIIT Workout – Thomas DeLauer

Posterior Chain Activation HIIT Workout- 2X Through!
– 30 Bar Stepovers
– Lunge Kettlebell Press (10 each side)
– 10 Slow Reps Reverse Crunch on Bench
– 8-10 Front Squats at 75% Failure
– 10 (each leg) Medicine Ball Back Lunges (overhead)
– 8-10 Straight Leg Deadlifts
– 10 Pull-ups
*Note – You can switch up deadlifts and pullups in order to have a slightly different feel

Today, the whole goal of today is posterior chain activation. If you’ve seen my videos before, you know I’m always talking about how to activate the posterior chain; engaging the glutes, engaging the hamstrings, because what we don’t wanna have happening is this constant, constant anterior chain activation where you’re rolling forward, where your hips are locked out, where your hip flexes are tight. I wanna do whatever we can to activate the hamstrings, activate the glute maximus, glute medius, get those suckers engaging so it takes the pressure off the lower back, then training the abs right.

All I’m gonna do is warm-up here for about a minute, two minutes. This isn’t gonna count towards my workout. Then I’m gonna start the clock and I’m gonna take you through a workout routine that you can do in 9 or 10 minutes, so I’m gonna get about 30 more seconds here. This is gonna go against the grain of kind of the typical bodybuilding mentality where you don’t wanna be doing your cardio. This is gonna be a nice little mix, cardio and weight training.

Okay, do you wanna get the clock started? Cool.

First thing I’m doing, I’m just doing lateral step-overs.

Rolling right into lunge kettlebell press-ups.

Rolling right into abs. How we do abs is a little bit different. Make sure when you hop on your bench, holding the hands over behind your head. All we’re doing here is a slow curl up and holding for four seconds; Very important, you’re not just swinging. The idea is lift it up slow and hold it. Do not straighten your legs out, do not bend them in. You’re bringing the core up. I’m gonna do one more. Bring it up.

Now, that posterior chain activation. When we’re doing front squats, you can do this with a kettlebell, you can do it with whatever. My whole goal here is sliding the butt back on a pivot as I come back. I’m not just squatting with my knees over my toes, I’m really sliding the butt back, and I’m not going to failure on these.

Then you’re gonna grab a lighter of the two medicine balls. Going back into lunges again.

So, now, straight leg deadlifts. Since we’re again trying to activate posterior chain, I’m gonna do a mixed grip. One hand over, one hand under. Not going to failure.

This one you can modify. I’m gonna go ahead and do regular pull-ups. You can do these modified on a bar where you’re doing a low bar pull.

All right. Then we repeat this bad boy!