Workout Tips – Video : What the Dikul Workout Is and How It Can Change Your Life


What the Dikul Workout Is and How It Can Change Your Life



Studies show that 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, lower back and neck pain being the most common types. You can improve you health and life in general with a few simple yet super effective exercises designed by Valentin Dikul.
He is a circus gymnast, and, surprisingly, the head of Rehabilitation Center for those with musculoskeletal system diseases. In 1962, during a performance in Kaunas, a steel support cross beam broke, throwing Dikul down from a safety wire which was 40 ft high. The doctors said that the boy would never walk again. However, Dikul was not one to fall into despair. He started doing exercises, first with the upper part of his body, then engaging his paralyzed limbs as if they were healthy. He created an entire workout system to change people’s lives just like he once changed his own. The exercises are different for every condition, of course, but they are all pretty simple. You can try out a set of exercises for those with chronic back pain and discomfort caused by osteochondrosis.
In the Dikul workout, mental work is as important as the exercises themselves. Pay attention to the atmosphere around you during your workout. Nothing should distract you or get in the way. If you feel anger, irritation, or disappointment during the workout, pause and make an effort to return to the positive mindset. Finish the workout with an affirmation: “Today’s workout was useful, I have made new achievements.”
To carry on, you need to equip yourself with this great man’s basic principles. To achieve physical results, you need to have perseverance, emotional stability, and faith that you can do it. Exercises should encourage your muscles to return to normal, but not wear them out. In other words, don’t overdo it — three times a week should be enough for most problems. The exercise routine must be the same from the first session on. Moreover, everything should be done slowly, gently and rhythmically, without any stress.


How was the Dikul workout created? 1:16
How can the Dikul workout improve your health? 2:42
Exercises to cure chronic pain and osteochondrosis:
Exercise #1 3:26
Exercise #2 4:28
Exercise #3 5:39
Exercise #4 6:29
Exercise #5 7:25
Mental health 8:32
Dikul’s principles 9:08

-Dikul designed the “exercise machine” to help himself recover after a serious injury, when doctors told him he would never walk again.
-Dikul workout helps people to get rid not only of chronic pains caused by scoliosis, osteochondrosis, and vertebral disc prolapses, but form the illness itself.
-Lie on your back with your arms perpendicular to your body. Without lifting your head, shoulders or your left foot, slowly turn your left hip to the right. Repeat the same actions with your right hip.
-Lie on your back, spread your legs with your feet at shoulder width. Without lifting your pelvis and legs from the floor, turn your left shoulder to the right.
-Lying on your back, put your feet together. Without lifting your shoulders and head from the floor, move both legs as far to the right as you can without separating your feet.
-Lie on your back and spread your legs with your feet at shoulder width. Without lifting your pelvis and legs from the floor, tilt your body to the left with a swift, sliding movement.
-Stand up straight, looking forward. Without rounding your back, bend your knees and bend over slowly keeping your hands down.
-Remember mental work is as important as the exercises themselves. It all starts with a positive mindset and the belief that you are on the way to complete recovery.
-Psychological strength comes before physical strength. Always listen to your body. If you start experiencing severe pain during a set of exercises, the workout should be stopped until the pain is dealt with by other methods.

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