Workout Tips – Video : Training with an Olympian | Full Body WorkOut with Jake Dalton


Training with an Olympian | Full Body WorkOut with Jake Dalton



Hope you all enjoy my very first collab with Olympic Gymnast Jake Dalton! Jake and I met as teammates in 2010 at the University of Oklahoma and he has been like a brother to me ever since. Hope you all enjoy this different full body / bodyweight workout and get an insight on how high level gymnasts train. This would typically be a morning workout to get the body moving and ready for heavy gymnastics later in the afternoon. Sorry for the choppy commentary, we recorded the workout with two cameras and his commentary is meant more for his video, not mine!

Entire workout:
-2x rope climb
-10x box jump
-10x front lever pulls
-10x hand stand push up
-10x squat jump
-10x hanging sit up
-10x back extension
-10x horizontal pull ups
-5x maltese raises
-10x wide arm pull ups
-10x each exercise: v ups, hollow rocks, arch ups, arch rocks
-5x pike press hand stand

Jake Dalton’s Channel:

Instagram: ej_fitness

Snapchat: ej_fitness


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