Workout Tips – Video : The Workout The World Forgot | By MovNat


The Workout The World Forgot | By MovNat



This is a sampler demonstrating some elements of the outdoor practice of MovNat.
This video displays the most natural expression of MovNat and is designed to be inspirational. It does not encompass all aspects of MovNat training nor explains the MovNat coaching system.
MovNat training is progressive and safe.
Entirely based on the practice of the full range of natural human movement skills, it develops physical competency and conditioning that is applicable to any area of life.

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MovNat video “Explore your true nature”
MovNat Action: Erwan Le Corre, founder.
Location: Corsica island, France.
Filmmaking: Timothy Kahn.
Music: Tryad
“Waltz into the moonlight” and “I see”.
Thanks to Tryad for their wonderful music!