Workout Tips – Video : Sexy Summer Kpop Dance Workout | Burn 400 Calories | full length workout


Sexy Summer Kpop Dance Workout | Burn 400 Calories | full length workout



Wooo another full length dance workout, finally! These take way too long to make TT but there’ll be another one coming this or next week! p.s. I forgot to make the ending so it finishes awkwardly. p.p.s. play the video on a computer! ??

*** The burned calories count is not exact and differs from person to person. I added a range (e.g 320-400) because the amount of calories burned greatly depends on how hard you work. So, the more energy you put into your dancing, the higher on the range you’ll be.

*** Don’t skip the warm up or cool down to prevent injuries and minimise soreness (the cool-down in this video doesn’t focus on stretching as much, so I recommend doing extra stretches). Do as much as you can, always push yourself but know your limit. If you’re a beginner, start with the first half, and finish the other half the next day.

Warm-up: StompyRuffers (Dolls – 9Muses)
01: anniee bananie (Jessi – Ssenunnie)
02: sarahkaypop (Hyuna – Roll Deep)
03: fittoakay (Aoa – Heart Attack)
04: black neon (Kara – Mister)
05: dubai international all starz (Sistar19 – Ma Boy)
06: fittoakay (Exid – Up&Down) ** fixed ver. – not uploaded
07: kpopx fitness (JYP – Who’s Your Mama) ** I’m sorry for the sound being a little off towards the end of the song TT
08: kkardio dance (Blackpink – As if it’s Your Last)
09: kpopx fitness (Hyuna – Bubble Pop)
10: fittoakay (F(x) – 4 Walls)
11: black neon (Girl’s Day – Something)
12: sarahkaypop (Sistar – I Like That)
13: AJ zoomer FiT (Kara – Mamma Mia)
14: kkardio dance (Minzy – Ninano)
15: sarahkaypop (Exid – Hot Pink)
cool-down: kpopx fitness (Crush – Beautiful)

** credits for the cute little chibi stickers go to their rightful owners!!