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Quick At Home Calf Workout | Natalie Jill



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Today we are calling in the calves! I get a ton of requests for calf workouts, so I wanted to make one for you that you can do with your own bodyweight!

Calf Workout – Plies

With feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed outward, lift up onto your toes. In a slight move, squat down while still up on your toes. This workout is great for not only your calves, but works on your inner thighs and your balance as well! If you want to make this move more advanced, you can always hold a weight at chest level or in between your legs as you do the mini toe plie squats. Make sure you are on your toes — if you’re not, you won’t be getting a calf workout.

Squat Down with Calf Raises

Squat down and place your hands on the ground. Keeping them on the ground, lift up and down on your toes from this position. Make sure to squeeze at the top of each raise. You may feel this a little bit in your quad muscles, but you will for sure feel it in your calves.

Toe Hops

Pretend like you are jumping rope and do little toe hops. It doesn’t matter how high you are jumping. Instead, focus on doing short, quick hops. This move will help burn fat and get your heart rate up — but is also a killer calf workout. You can either jump both feet at a time or alternate sides.

Calf Raises

Feet together, point toes forward, and lift your bodyweight up onto your tiptoes, and then release back down. Just a few of these are necessary until you start to feel it burn!

These calf workouts are great to do anytime, anywhere, as often as you want. I highly recommend adding them into your workout routine, as they can be done with ANY other workout!

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