Workout Tips – Video : Oblique Workout for Ripped Obliques (7 EXERCISES!!)


Oblique Workout for Ripped Obliques (7 EXERCISES!!)



Get ripped abs and shredded obliques (meal plan and workouts)

Oblique workouts and exercises are a critical and often overlooked element of building a ripped set of abs. Even the sharpest six pack won’t look perfect unless it is framed out by an equally shredded set of obliques. Because of the orientation of the internal and external obliques, when they are developed and your body fat is low enough, they act to frame out the abs.

In this video, I show you a 7 exercise oblique workout that will help to attack these important core muscles from every angle. Each one of the moves is heavy on rotation, as this is a key component of all effective oblique exercises. You’ll have options that you can do standing, on the floor or hanging from a bar.

The oblique exercises in this workout include:

Cyclone Leg Raises
Oblique Twists
Reverse Corkscrews
Thread the Needle
1 Leg Plank Hop Twists
Floating Scissors
Hi-Lo Woodchoppers

Each of these oblique exercises targets the obliques in a slightly unique way. With a heavy dose of rotation, you will be hitting the lateral core muscles from all angles and with all levels of difficulty. The best way to attack this oblique workout is to perform each exercise with as little rest as possible between exercises. Take just enough time to transition from one to the next and try to take each one to failure. You should not be able to perform another rep with good form before moving onto the next exercise in the workout.

The obliques often get overlooked in favor of concentrating on the more popular rectus abdominus (the muscle responsible for the visual six pack abs). This is understandable, but I’m telling you it is a major mistake. Even visible abs may appear thick and blocky if you don’t have a game plan for getting those oblique muscles developed as well.

Meantime, none of this will matter if you can’t get your nutrition and diet in check. If you eat poorly you will likely never have a low enough body fat level to reveal your hard work spent developing your abs and obliques. In order to get the muscles of your core to show you have to be dedicated enough to eat the right foods to keep that fat level down low enough to show them.

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