Workout Tips – Video : Last Workout Before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show | Karlie Kloss


Last Workout Before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show | Karlie Kloss



Major shout out to Dara Hart for coming all the way from the other side of the world to train me and all the Victoria’s Secret Angels. This was my last workout before the show — focusing on booty, abs, and lower body. Enjoy! #TrainLikeAnAngel

Have questions for Dara?! Ask in the comments below and she will answer a few!

**LOWER BODY FOCUS** (3-5 rounds)
(1) Sumo Squat, 20 reps
Wide stance, toes turned out, squeeze at top.
(2) Band Walks, 30 sec
Knees over ankles, wide feet, hinge from hip.
(3) Split squats 12 reps, 20 pulses
Keep weight forward through front foot, drive through heel
(4) Plank spider cross-overs, 10 each side
Hands under chest, keep body weight forward. Extend the leg fully behind to straight leg to activate glute!
(5) Walking lunge & pass-through, 1 min.
Keep spine long, core tight as you pass the weight through each leg

**AB CIRCUIT** (3-5 rounds)
(1) Slider Mountain Climber, 40 each side
Weight is forward, light on the toes, heels lifted.
(2) Modified V Up, 1 min alternating
Lift shoulders off the floor, keep legs straight.
(3) Side plank twist, 10 each side
Make sure elbow is aligned w armpit, keep hips still with legs activated, twist through.

**BOOTY KICK MEGA MIX** (1 round, burn it out!)
*12 reps and 20 pulses with each exercise
* make sure hips are square, core tight the whole time
(I’m using ankle weights, but it’s tough without, too!)

(1) Donkey kicks
Flexed foot, knee bent, squeeze at top.
(2) Triangles / Corners
Set up on elbows, move leg up and over like a triangle, squeeze at the top.
(3) Fire Hydrants
Knee bent, open out to side, keep shoulders and hips square.

*Dara Hart*

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