Workout Tips – Video : Intense Rear Delt Finisher Workout Routine | Anabolic Superset | Shoulders!


Intense Rear Delt Finisher Workout Routine | Anabolic Superset | Shoulders!



Official Anabolic Aliens video of Intense Rear Delt Finisher Workout Routine | Anabolic Superset
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In this video guys we are going to absolutely destroy our shoulders, more specifically the back of our shoulders or rear delts. The rear deltoid is a super important muscle group to train because it is very crucial for perfect posture, will help you avoid rotator cuff issues in the future, and is extremely involved with stabilization in a handful of exercises. This will also help achieve the 3D delt look! This finisher is only two exercises but it is extremely tough as we will be training it through 3 different rep ranges, which will equal out to be a ton of volume, which will force this muscle group to grow!

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