Workout Tips – Video : Insane 2 Years Street Workout Transformation ( Calisthenics ) Motivation


Insane 2 Years Street Workout Transformation ( Calisthenics ) Motivation



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Mistake at the start,it was not 68kg it was 71kg,found and old picture from that year,and i was 71kg,sorry again 😀

I want to thank all of you for positive comments !
I am so glad that my video motivated someone to start working out and other people that workout to go harder
1.What do you eat or what is your diet ?

( First off all,i never counted my macros or calories or other stuff,since i was skinny,i was eating everything and a lot,but when i got some weight on me,i started to eat healthier,that means i did not eat candy,junk food,i don’t even eat bread now,maybe sometimes i grab a slice or two,most of the food that i eat is oats,eggs,meat,vegetables,fruit,rice,pasta,fish,etc i drink yougurt,milk,coffe, less juice,but i don’t eat that food everyday,sometimes i buy my self that food for 2 weeks to eat and then get back to normal stuff,sometime junk food,cause i eat what i have mostly,so that is pretty much it).
2.How did you started with workout ?

I started with full body exercises for 2-3 months and trained almost everyday until i gained strength to make my self some strong routines,and i recommend begginners to do full body beacuse it helped me a lot with my strength and gaining muscles,now i have my personal routines that i use,you will see all of my routines in the videos that i will make soon,so stay tuned.

3. Do you use suplements ?

No i don’t use suplements,but i will buy some soon (Whey protein) cause it is harder for me to maintain my muscles now without proper protein intake.I was only eating healthy and good,simple stuff,but people still don’t believe but i don’t care about that,i bought creatin maybe 2 weeks ago and for the first time i would says it is pretty good suplement,i recommend it to everyone,but i am not going to take that anymore,only whey protein when i buy it,i just bought creatin to see what it fells like,so that is mostly it.
I started with suplementes now when i got my self a sponsor for suplementation,i used whey protein for 3 months maybe and then paused with that beacuse i was getting zits on my body and it wasnt good for me,now i use (GLUTAMINE,CALCIUM&MAGNESIUSM,OMEGA3 FISH OIL)

Thank you all for watching this video,stay tuned for more soon.


This is my official 2 years transformation with calisthenics.
Hard work finally paid off,still got more to go.
I want to show everybody that you can do anything if you put your mind into it,



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