Workout Tips – Video : Hurt Foot 30 Minute Total Body Workout. Stay active and Stay Positive While Recovering from Injury.


Hurt Foot 30 Minute Total Body Workout. Stay active and Stay Positive While Recovering from Injury.



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Having a foot or ankle injury is challenging mentally and physically. But don’t worry, Im here to help you stay positive and active as you recover. I know how hard injury can be, but I believe in you and know you can heal quickly by being smart, staying positive, and finding your strong.

If you have a broken foot, stress fracture, sprained ankle, achilles tendon tear, broken toe, broken heel, pulled calf muscle, shin splints, or another lower leg injury that prevents you from using your feet, ankles, or calves when you work out, then this video is for YOU. Join me for this full length total body strength training workout you can do while recovering from a foot or ankle injury. With a little creativity (and the OK from your doctor!) YOU CAN WORKOUT WHILE INJURED. This 30 minute exercise video will train your abs, arms, hips, butt, and legs without putting pressure on your feet or ankles. The exercises in this workout routine include:

– Shoulder jumping jacks
– Upper back seated fly
– heart pumping seated boxing
– Tricep dips on a chair
– Leg lifts on a chair
– Obliques on a chair
– Hip extension
– Hip bridge
– Crunches
– pushups
– Side lying leg lifts
– Oblique sit ups
– Ab leg raises
– “Dead bug” core work
Total body relaxing stretch to finish

To do this video you will first need to check with your doctor and physical therapist. Honor your body and train smart and you will recover from your injury fast! You can repeat this video daily or as many times as your doctor says is OK 🙂

You can also do this video for ab, core, hip, and total body strength when you are not injured – its still a great workout!! Try this video and let me know how it makes you feel in the comments below. Stay strong and keep smiling my friends.

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Always check with your doctor before beginning any workout routine. Practice mindfulness and stay smart – take care of your body and do whats right for you! Heres to health and a long life 🙂