Workout Tips – Video : Full Body Dumbbell Workout (HIT EVERY MUSCLE!!) | November Challenge


Full Body Dumbbell Workout (HIT EVERY MUSCLE!!) | November Challenge



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What’s up what’s up!Today I’m going to take you through a full body workout, plus explain why I prefer these types of workouts instead of body part splits.

Before that though – I just wanted to follow up on my last video and let you know that WE ARE doing a November accountability challenge! If you’ve been keeping up with my videos lately, you’ll know that I just started a diet – which given the time of year – maybe not the best idea, but I’m determined to make this work.

It’s free to join and the way we’re gonna do this is that every day we’ll have a checklist. The three key daily tasks are to:
1-Eat 1 (non disgusting) salad
2-Prep your protein ahead of time
3-Cut back on snacks

These daily tasks are based on the tips I shared in my last video.So if you’re wondering about the “why” behind them – I just click back one video on my page.

If you’re ready to join, here’s the link:

Now about this workout.

The difference between full body workouts vs. body split workouts is that instead of having say – leg day – you train all major muscle groups in one session. This allows you to train less sessions per week, while hitting the same muscle groups more often. And when it comes to building muscle, frequency (or how often you train) is an important consideration.

This is reinforced by a recent research review where they controlled for volume (so the total number of sets and reps done) but varied training frequency (so how many times per week they trained). They found that training major muscle groups twice per week lead to greater muscle building results as compared to just once per week.


This is in line with the belief that muscle protein synthesis (or the “motivation” for your body to build muscle) remains elevated for up to 48 hours post workout.


And as a result – you should aim to train the same muscle group again around the 48 hour mark to maximize gains.

The reason I like full body workouts is because rather than trying to cram some elaborate routine of 2 leg days, 2 glute days, 2 shoulder days, and some random other workouts into your schedule, you can instead do 3-4 full body workouts per week and achieve the same results.

The workout I’m gonna share today is the same workout I posted as part of the November Challenge, which as a reminder – you can sign up for here: