Workout Tips – Video : Essentrics Full-Body Barre Workout- Standing Exercises


Essentrics Full-Body Barre Workout- Standing Exercises



Essentrics Full-Body Barre Workout- Standing Exercises is an elegant dancer’s barre routine that is designed to sculpt long, lean muscle and tone the body from head to toe through a unique series of standing postures and exercises that will activate the core, improve posture and burn calories for a stronger, healthier new you. Let go of the stresses of the day as you release tension and relax the muscles with Essentrics instructor, Sahra Esmonde-White through this result driven routine that incorporates elements of ballet, dance, Yoga and Pilates. Learn dancer-inspired moves to lengthen and strengthen your muscles transform the shape of your body as you shrink the waistline and engage the abs, arms, hips thighs, buttocks, shoulders, chest, legs, back and obliques for a total body tone-up. Lift and firm problem areas as you burn fat, relieve anxiety and target-tone through deep stretching in this effective 15 minute segment from the popular “Barre Workout” fitness DVD from Essentrics. Take this graceful workout with you anywhere as it requires no equipment and is great for all levels of fitness. Look and feel your best with Essentrics on BeFiT! Tune in every weekday for newly –released FREE workouts. Click here to try another Barre Workout:

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