Workout Tips – Video : Ep.29 Jeff Cavaliere Athlean-X Posterior Chain Workout…


Ep.29 Jeff Cavaliere Athlean-X Posterior Chain Workout…



WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here. They say you should never meet your heroes, well, I got to workout with one of mine… Mr. Athlean-X himself, Jeff Cavaliere. The guy that knows the real science behind picking-up heavy things and putting them back down… he takes you to the max and to school in the gym. And if you aren’t already subscribed to his Athlean-X Youtube channel, stop reading this, and get over there now!


My body and mind are still in shock from the exercises Jeff showed me in his X-Box gym, but enough of the chat, check out Jeff’s Posterior Chain Workout and most importantly… Brave Change.

Jeff Cavaliere Athlean-X Posterior Chain Workout:

1st CIRCUIT: 2 Rounds

– Dead Row
– Sprinter Lunge / High Pull
– Band Thrust T
– Battle Ropes: Jackhammers

2nd CIRCUIT: 2 Rounds

– Gorilla Row
– High Cable Row
– Glute Ham Y Raise
– Battle Ropes: Scissors

3rd CIRCUIT: 2 Rounds

– Cable Squat Row
– Rocking Lat Pulldown
– Angels & Devils
– Battle Ropes: Rows

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