Workout Tips – Video : BTS _ GOGO (고민보다 Go) Kpop Dance Workout


BTS _ GOGO (고민보다 Go) Kpop Dance Workout



uni is kicking my butt but we had 1 day off so i was able to finish my homework and make a new workout! this is mirrored. i know there were many requests for DNA but KKardio did an awesome workout already and i really really like this song! And the dance looks so fun lol

weight loss update:
i was actually losing fat steadily for about 1.5 months and then things got more stressful this month which caused me to stress/binge eat. i’m struggling with understanding food as a source of nutrition/energy, not comfort. i just wanted to share because i was thisclose to not recording because i was so ashamed. like i know what to do and how to eat, but i dont listen to myself and just YOLO it….anyways, tomorrow is a new day. one step at a time!!!

p.s. this month is my birthday month! i’m getting old….lol

i hope you have a great day!!!


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