Workout Tips – Video : Baby Sleek Pre & Postnatal Workout -Barre Technique 1


Baby Sleek Pre & Postnatal Workout -Barre Technique 1



As professional dancers and the founders of Sleek Technique, Flik and I have 3 little ones, soon to be 4 between us! We designed our Baby Sleek pre and postnatal ballet workout series while both pregnant with our first babies. Designed to take you through all three trimesters, they are what kept us Sleek fit and healthy through our pregnancies and got us back into shape afterwards. Now expecting my second I am enjoying these workouts again and I thought I would share one of them with you! This great 15 minute barre workout will leave you feeling longer, stronger and more supported in the areas you need through pregnancy. Enjoy this one on us and you can get the other 8 in this wonderful series over on our site. Much love Victoria