Workout Tips – Video : 2 YEARS OF KPOP WORKOUTS! (Reflecting Again)


2 YEARS OF KPOP WORKOUTS! (Reflecting Again)



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Apologies ahead of time for the pink back + light text.

My height is 152 cm and I lost weight mostly in my chest/stomach/face. (unfortunately I lose weight last in my legs which is where I want to lose weight the most- but I’ve lost a little in my inner thigh)
To use kpop as exercise, I would dance 30-60 minutes a day (5 days a week), usually making or following a kpop cardio routine (check out my full kpop routines or my playlist “kpop fitness” or “my kpop workouts”).
eating/diet: I stopped eating out and eating junk food frequently, eat smaller portions, and eat more veggies and fruit opposed to sugars/processed foods.

***Audio goes to PINK NOISE (super talented!)

The songs in order are:
G-FRIEND Glass Bead


I was disappointed in the fact that I hadn’t lost a lot of weight in the past year (I lost around 6 lbs since the past 1 year update video). I wanted to reach my weight loss goal before I posted this video, but school/life just didn’t allow me to focus on fitness as much. But then I realized that it’s not ALL about the number on the scale, and I hit many other victories this year that have nothing to do with the numbers.

Victories: (in my opinion…..)

1) I wore short shorts in public/at school and I actually felt good about the way my legs look. In the past, I avoided wearing shorts as much as possible unless it was very hot because I was so insecure about my thighs. (Still insecure but not as much because I know I’m working on them)

2) I DID NOT gain 15 lbs, contrary to the “freshman 15” joke that you gain 15 lbs from eating the meal plan your freshman year of college. The food was good and I ate WAYYYY too much at times, but by the end of the school year I had a set way of managing how I ate and maintained my weight of 110 lb throughout the year.

3) An elder told me I was skinny (I’ve never been told I was skinny) and people stopped calling me by my childhood nickname, “poj roj” (translates to “fat lady”/”fatty” from Hmong). It’s bittersweet to be stripped of that nickname even though it affected my self-image growing up. I feel like I lost part of my identity. (I’m not saying my goal is to be called “skinny”, it’s just that it was a pleasant surprise to not be called “fatty” for the first time.)

4) I CAN RUN! I used to hate the treadmill with a passion (part of why I got into dance cardio). During the school year, I decided to get on it 4-5 times a week for the last month and a half of school. By the time I was back home, I was running more than I was dancing. For this past month, I’ve been running on the treadmil 5 days a week, and I usually stay on it for 35-55 minutes. I’m going to cool it though because I spend too much time exercising. lol.

5) I had a pair of boyfriend jeans that were REALLLY tight on me in the middle of the school year so I adjusted my eating habits and I was able to fit into them by the end of the school year. They are actually pretty loose/relaxed fit now!

I will make a weight loss video when the time comes, but for now this will do…
Let’s reach our goals! (Healthily and safely- because the body you have is the only one you get, so love/be kind to it!) WE CAN DO IT!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!!! I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH! It pushes me to aim higher and do more, and I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for you.

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