Diet and Healthy Recipes – Video : WHAT DO I EAT IN RECOVERY? | Meal Plans, Portion Sizes, + More


WHAT DO I EAT IN RECOVERY? | Meal Plans, Portion Sizes, + More



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Important Disclaimer: 1:01
General Meal & Food Information: 2:02
What your plate should look like: 2:38
Portion Sizes: 2:57
Breaking down the food groups: 4:03 onwards
Starches: 4:07
Protein: 5:17
Fats: 5:38
Fruits & Veg: 6:17
Dairy: 6:42
Snacks: 7:28
Treats: 8:12
1-day Meal ideas: 8:48
Vegetarianism: 9:36


Each meal should have starches, protein, fats, fruit/veg, and dairy
-FATS (15-35%) PROTEIN (10-15%) CARBOHYDRATES (45-65%)
looking at your plate…
1/2 of it should be fruit/veg
1/4 of it should be protein
1/4-1/2 plate starches
balance between all food groups
-3 meals and 3 snacks a day, + sometimes dessert

-best form of carbohydrates
-carbohydrates are main + most efficient source of energy
-over half of all energy needs to be from carbohydrates
-contain fibre, high in vitamin B, helps you feel full and reduces cravings
-you only need half of your starches to be whole grain: it won’t affect your health
-each meal has 1+ servings of starch, normalized is 2

2 servings of starches:
2 pieces of toast, 3/4c dry oatmeal, 1 large muffin, 1 scone, 1 bagel, 2 fist of cereal, 2 fist of cooked rice or pasta, 1pita, 1 tortilla

-contains zinc, iron, B12, magnesium
-plant sources have more fibre and water and a larger volume: so you need larger quantities to get the same nutrients

1 serving of protein:
2 eggs, 2tbsp nut butter (2 thumbs), 1/4c nuts/seeds (cupped hand), 3/4c (fist) legumes, palm of hand of fish, poultry and meat

-cell membranes require + are made of fats
-fats are used to repair tissues
-Vitamins A, D, E, and K need to be with fats in order to be absorbed
-fats make up lining of our nerves and neurotransmissions in brain
-fats affect brain health, bone health, cells, and immune system

1 serving of fats:
1 tsp (thumb tip) of butter, mayo, or oil

1 serving of fruit or vegetables:
1 whole fruit, 1/4c (cupped hand) dried fruit, 1/2c fresh, frozen or canned veggies, 1 fist leafy vegetables

-3 servings of dairy/day
-best source of calcium, which helps bones
-source of protein and carbohydrates

1 serving of dairy:
1 glass (1 fist/1 cup) milk or fortified soy milk, 3/4c (1 fist) yogurt, 2 tbsp (2 thumbs) cheese

-2 food groups to keep you full and satisfied
-fruit and veggies are the same food group

1 snack:
banana and peanut butter, yogurt and granola, smoothie (milk and fruit), nuts and dried fruit, crackers and cheese, crackers and peanut butter, veggies and hummus, pita and hummus, banana bread, muffin, cookie and milk

desserts/treats- in balance with everything else
dessert a few times a week, otherwise “fun foods” in snacks

1 treat:
1 cupcake, 1 cookie, 1 donut, 1 scoop ice cream, 1 brownie

1 fist approx. 1 cup
1/2 fist approx. 1/2 cup
1 thumb approx 1 tbsp
1 thumb tip approx 1 tsp
cupped hand approx 1/4 cup
Milk + Alt: 1 fist of milk/soy beverage, 1 fist yogurt, 2 thumbs of cheese
Meat and Alt: palm of your hand of meat, fish or poultry, 2 thumbs nut butter, cupped hand nuts and seeds, 1 fist legumes
Fruit and Vegetables: 1/2 fist fresh, frozen or canned veggies, 1 fist leafy greens, 1 whole fruit, 1/2 fist fresh, frozen or canned fruit, cupped hand dried fruit, 1/2 fist fruit juice
Grains: 1 slice of bread size of hand, 1/2 bagel size of hand, full fist of cooked rice, full fist of cooked pasta, 1 fist cereal
Fats: 1 thumb tip margarine/butter, oil, or mayonnaise


-1 bagel, peanut butter, 1 banana, 1 glass of milk or soy milk
-2 eggs, 2 slices of toast with butter (thumb tip on each slice), 1 fruit
-1 muffin with nut butter, smoothie (yogurt/milk and fruit)
-yogurt, almonds, strawberries, granola
-oats cooked with milk, dried fruit, nut butter

AM Snack

-rice, roasted vegetables, tofu/meat
-quinoa salad, chicken nuggets/veggie chicken, pita
-tomato soup, bagel with hummus, cheese, tomato
-nut/meat loaf, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes
-wrap with mayo, cheese, vegetables, tofu with side salad/soup
-burger on a bun with mayo, cheese, lettuce, and side salad with dressing
-vegetable soup with chick peas, bread with butter
-pasta with tomato sauce + meat balls, steamed broccoli with butter
-2 slices of pizza, side salad with dressing
-salad with veggies, chick peas, risotto, dressing
-chilli with cheese + sour cream, corn bread, green beans

PM Snack

Dinner (same as lunch)

HS Snack

Example Snacks:
-cheese + crackers/nut butter
-smoothie (fruit and milk/yogurt)
-toast + peanut butter
-hummus + pita
-hummus + veggies
-apple + cheese
-fruit + nut butter
-cookie + milk
-trail mix
-cottage cheese + fruit
-granola bar
-pretzels + apple juice
-hot chocolate + cookie
-yogurt + granola/fruit