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Ultra Fitness Pro – Training Program & Healthy Nutrition Diet Plan



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The All-in-one Fitness App to help you achieve your true potential

– Carefully selected Exercises for optimal results!
– Detailed Workout Programs and Meal Plans that perfectly coexist to meet your goals.
– Incredible Tasting Healthy Dishes to help keep you on Track with your fitness journey.


– 100+ Different Exercises
– 100+ Video Demonstrations with detailed Steps
– 30+ Workout Programs created for specific goals
– 30+ Delicious Healthy Recipes to keep you on track with your diet
– 40+ Meal plans all designed to meet your goals
– Track and measure Workout Progress
– Body Metrics graph for your body progress
– Email Training Support and Tips


– 30+ Researched backed workouts created by a Qualified Personal Trainer
– Beginner to Advance workouts designed to Torch Fat for amazing Weight Loss Results!
– Pack on Lean Muscle Mass with Scientifically Researched Workouts
– Super Sets and Drop Sets included for High Intensity Workouts
– Track Your Progress with the easy to use workout calendar


– 40+ Meal Plans design to meet your goals
– Calorie Calculator to inform of how much to eat
– Easy to make meals for Fat Loss or to Build Muscle
-Macro Nutrients given for each meal so you know what your eating!


– 30+ Unbelievable Healthy Tasting Recipes
– Quick Snack Recipes to help Stoop Food Cravings and to Treat yourself guilt Free
– Recipes that fit perfectly with your Plan to keep you on Track!
– Mark your most Loved recipes to the Favourites List for quick access
– Macro Nutrients provided for each Recipe

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