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Sugar Busters Diet Plan




The Sugar Busters diet plan tells you how, what and when to eat. The plan is meant to become your life, rather than just a quick phase. The basic idea of Sugar Busters diet plan is to have you eat fruit, high-fiber vegetables, stone-ground whole grains, lean meat and fish. The plan limits sugar and thus your insulin levels, which Sugar Busters blames as the cause of body fat. If you follow the plan, you might help your cholesterol levels, lower your risk for diabetes, and see an increase in energy and wellness. It’s also said to cut back your cravings for refined sugar products.Sugar Busters diet plan

Sugar Busters diet plan sets up a ratio of the types of foods you should consume every day: 30 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 40 percent fat, eaten in three portion-controlled meals. Snacks are permitted, but they must be reasonably sized and healthy.Sugar Busters diet plan
The Sugar Busters diet plan authors recommend about 40% of calories in the diet be from high fiber, low glycemic carbohydrate, 30% from protein and about 30% (but as much as 40%) from fat, primarily unsaturated fat. On the other hand, they state in one place in the book that people may eat as much as 50-55% carbohydrate and still stay within the bounds of the diet – I don’t know where the extra 10-15% of carbs is supposed to come from, given the protein and fat recommendations Sugar Busters diet plan
“Cut Sugar to Trim Fat” proclaims the dust jacket of Sugar Busters! Inside the book, you read that “Sugar is toxic!” And that’s the basic premise of the diet. The authors tell you to eliminate all sweets made with refined sugar and certain fruits and vegetables with a high-sugar content because they wreak havoc on your biochemical system. The diet also promises to lower your cholesterol, achieve optimal wellness, increase your energy, and help treat diabetes and other diseases.Sugar Busters diet plan

Sugar Busters diet plan proclaims the diet that became a self-published phenomenon in New Orleans, until a major publisher released Sugar Busters! in 1998. The four authors are H. Leighton Steward, a former CEO, and three doctors from the Big Easy: Morrison C. Bethea, MD, a cardiothoracic surgeon; Samuel S. Andrews, MD, an endocrinologist; and Luis A. Balart, MD, a gastroenterologist.Sugar Busters diet plan