Diet and Healthy Recipes – Video : See Diabetes Diet Plan [Food List, Meal Plans for Diabetes]


See Diabetes Diet Plan [Food List, Meal Plans for Diabetes]



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A performance like this sounds incredible, until you discover how Pound prepared himself for his career and how he memorized the Diabetes diet Chart. Like Toscanini, he was cursed—or possibly blessed—with poor eyesight. When he was still a very young man, in law school, he began to fear early blindness. In spite of strong glasses and eye exercises, the little circle of visibility on the pages of his law books grew smaller and dimmer. Ahead of him he saw only a blasted career and a tragically lonely life. Then he thought if he could make his mind substitute for his eyes—if he could remember the important points he read, he could carry his law books in his mind, remember the Best Diet for Diabetes and escape the constant references to the printed page that tortured his ailing eyes.

He recalled a game he used to play with his sister, kind of like a Diabetes Diet Menu, when they were children. When they read together, out of the same book, the first to finish a page would recite as much as possible of what he had just read. At first they did it just for fun, keeping each other’s score, yet in a short time they had developed an amazing proficiency in remembering stories and whole books. The secret was their concentration on “getting the sense” of each page; the rest was just a matter of practice and repetition.

So when Roscoe Pound found his eyesight failing, he began to memorize his law books, becoming a living compendium of juridical knowledge. But note that even he did not attempt to remember everything he read.

“Early in my effort to develop a good memory,” he says, “I decided it was important not to overload it with a mass of useless material. By that, I mean matter that could be of no service to me in my work and daily life, or which at the best would only be of occasional service.”

So the answer to the question, “What shall we take the trouble to remember?” asked in the last chapter, is this…Decide what kinds of facts and material are going to prove most useful to you in your professional or personal life, and concentrate on developing your memory for these.

Best Diet for Diabetes:

See Powerful, Natural Treatments to REVERSE Diabetes: