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Personal Trainer Food Review – Weight Loss Meal Plans – Meal Delivery – Diet Food Delivery



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Personal Trainer Food Review

Having a sit down all day job and eating out each day at lunch time and also numerous times every week for supper had taken its toll on me and I am sure this is not an unusual tale for some of you whom are reviewing this.

Being a little concerned at my weight gain and overall health and wellness at “30 something” years old I have actually been trying to find a simple program to lose some weight. Time to take my life back for me, my kids and my future.

Early in November one of my Facebook friends published that he had actually lost a significant amount of weight in a couple of weeks by purchasing his dishes from a 3rd party meal delivery program. Requiring to lose a number of pounds myself I sent this buddy a message to ask just what he was doing and he gave me the link to personal trainer food.

I made a decision to give this program a shot and this is my journey to the new me. I am going to share my total experiences and also results in addition to share exactly what this program is about.

Exactly what is Personal trainer food?

Personal trainer food is a meal delivery service that gives 28 days of meals direct to consumers by delivering right to your door. (FedEx to be specific).

The bundle arrives on dry ice and is flash frozen within a few days of ordering and each “meal” is packaged separately. There are no preservatives or additives. * Caution * make certain to have lots of space in your fridge & freezer. This is a month’s worth of food and it uses up a great deal of space. You can put several of the meats you intend on consuming in the fridge to help produce room, but placing the veggies in the fridge usually tends to make them limp or soggy so leave them frozen.