Diet and Healthy Recipes – Video : I HATE The Keto Diet… (And Why YOU Should Too!)


I HATE The Keto Diet… (And Why YOU Should Too!)



🍟 Eat More Carbs, Burn More Fat!

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*🔷More Muscle, No STANK-A** Keto Breath. Sounds like a Win to me lol*

So Yeah – This Video is a bit controversial, So here goes…


TOO Many negative side effects (which I’ve laid out) and the ONLY thing that matters when losing fat is being in a caloric deficit.

Meanwhile – INSULIN is the most anabolic hormone in your body (anabolic = preserving muscle, + increased performance)

Why would you shut down the most anabolic hormone in your body, when you are already in a potential catabolic state of being in a caloric deficit?!

We know for a fact the most important factor to losing body fat is being in a caloric deficit. (aka it doesn’t matter WHAT You eat, its HOW MUCH You Eat)

That is why during this VLOG starting at 07:46 I’m eating Reeses Puffs, Epic Vegan Cupcakes, and A Giant White Rice Poke Bowl.

This will allow me to burn the SAME amount of fat as a Keto Diet with the same amount of calories, WHILE making way more muscle gains and not dealing with nasty Keto Breath lol…

More muscle, no stank a** Breath. Sounds Like a Win to me!

Enjoy the vid Youtube Fam! I’m so excited to travel to a new and exciting place next week – and share my experience with you guys.

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*DAY 25/60 Of the SUMMER SHRED!*

*KETO DIET 😱(Time Stampers)*

00:20 – Let the Ketogenic Bashing Begin.
00:51 – Sup King Keto, Meet Harvard
01:15 – FULL LIST of FOODS THAT MAKE You Fat! Yippeeeee!
01:30 – HULK SMASH that like Button now!
01:45 – The Twinkie Fat loss diet (Mark Haub)
02:30 – Why I eat CUPCAKES and POKE BOWLS post workout (Carb Timing)
03:00 – INSULIN post workout will help you KEEP your muscle gains!
03:26 – KETO DIET Cons! (After Extensive Research)
03:50 – Here in my Computer!
04:31 – Ketosis explained (basically a survival mechanism for your body)
04:55 – Full list of Keto Diet Cons
05:30 – bad liver, bad breath, bad muscles, bad mood…hmmmmm??
06:50 – The SCIENCE OF ABS Eating System
07:00 – Eat More Carbs, Burn More Fat
07:45 – 80/20 Rule of my Diet
07:55 – Pre workout fat loss Meal
08:30 – Simple carbs and fill up Liver Glycogen Pre-Workout!
09:00 – My intra workout Carbs on the Diet!
09:25 – Leg Extension 45 Seconds!
09:35 – Cupcake Time!
09:50 – Quad workout = depleted muscle glycogen.
10:30 – poke bowl time, protein + carbs..mmmm.. delicious!
11:23 – CupCake Time!
11:40 – Bye until Next Time!!!!


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SCIENCE OF ABS 2.0 (50% Off + 60 Day Money Back Guarantee)



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