Diet and Healthy Recipes – Video : Healty Eating – 2


Healty Eating – 2



Building eating habits that stick are no different.

When you start out, everything is really hard. Temptation is everywhere, and you have to be extremely careful. It might feel like it’s always someone’s birthday at the office, your kids are constantly screaming for ice cream, and you seem to gravitate towards unhealthy foods at the grocery store.

Every time you give into one of these temptations, you feel like the day is ruined and you’ve been set back at the beginning of the level.

But every day you succeed, you build strength (your own super mushroom), and it becomes easier and easier to pass up temptations. If you do get hit by a bad guy, it will only be a temporary setback, not a level reset. If you can make it even further into the level and turn eating healthy into a habit (your fire flower), you’ll have gained the power to attack temptations as they come at you. Goombas? No problem.

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