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Healthy Food : Hazelnut Health Benefits



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Hazelnut which is a very important nutritional value in a well-balanced diet, has several important health benefits in protecting against diseases. Having special combination of oil (especially oleic acid rich oil structure), proteins, carbohydrate, beta-sitosterol, essential vitamins and minerals, giving hazelnut a special place among other nuts for its unique ability to protect against diseases. It is known that consuming only 25-30 gr of hazelnuts a day, is enough for daily vitamin E needs and a very good way of protecting against heart-vein diseases and cancer

Hazelnut and hazelnut oil is the best known source for Vitamin E which is essential for the healthy heart muscles and other muscles of the body as well. It is also necessary for normal functioning of the reproduction system. Vitamin E prevents the disintegration of red blood cells, thus it serves as a protection against deficiency of blood which is called anemia. Another benefit of Vitamin E which is found in hazelnut is to prevent the factors which prepare the basis for cancer disease.

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