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Gm Diet Plan – The 7 Day Fast Weight Loss General Motors Diet Plan



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GM Diet is nothing but a simple weight loss management plan first developed by the GM (General Motors) Corporation in order to help keep their staff stay healthy and be in shape. This particular diet plan involves the consumption of selected foods (rich in proteins sufficient for a human body to survive the whole day), in contrast to weekly schedules. This diet regime actually started as an in-house program within the GM Corporation but became popular worldwide today. By following the GM diet, you can easily reduce up to 10 to 17 pounds (4 to 7 KGs) in just 7days naturally. The beauty of this 7 day diet plan is that you shed weight by providing what is necessary for your body to survive. As you follow the diet, it helps you both reducing the weight and the same time help you to cleanse and detoxify your body. There are few enthusiasts who follow this 7 day GM diet once every few months, primarily to cleanse & detoxify their body rather than for just weight loss.
GM Diet Weight Loss Plan
Day One: Eat all kinds of fruits except bananas with a leaning towards melons, watermelon and loupes.
Day Two: On this second day eat all kinds of either cooked or raw vegetables. Users are advised to start the day with a baked potato for breakfast.
Day Three: On the third day take fruits and vegetables and abstain from foods from day one and two.
Day Four: Day four is for bananas and milk. This can go up to 8 bananas and three glasses of milk.
Day Five: The fifth day is specially designed to cleanse the system from accumulated uric acid and users are advised to eat beef and tomatoes.
Day Six: On the sixth day beef and vegetables are on the menu with users advised to eat unlimited amounts of beef and vegetables.
Day Seven: The seventh day is for brown rice, vegetables and fruit juices.

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