Diet and Healthy Recipes – Video : FREE Diet plan for WEIGHT LOSS – #BBSummer Diet Plan for Indian MEN & WOMEN – BeerBiceps


FREE Diet plan for WEIGHT LOSS – #BBSummer Diet Plan for Indian MEN & WOMEN – BeerBiceps



Its finally here guys. Bringing you the #BBSummer diet for weight loss. Why should fitness be monetized?

Weight loss diet plan for Indian men & women :
1)Breakfast :
-Upma/STEEL CUT Oats +
-Protein Shake with Milk OR 4-5 Egg whites
OR (Veg) – Bowl of paneer

2)Lunch :
-Lean source of protein (GRILLED chicken, fish, egg whites, SKIMMED MILK Paneer preparation) +
-2-3 Rotis/Jowar Bhakri/Bajra Bhakri/Brown Rice +
-1 bowl Dal +
-Serving of veggies (except potatoes, peas, corn)

3)Snack Time :
-2-3 Egg whites
OR (Veg) Bowl of dal +
– Optional – 1 cup tea/coffee with minimal sugar.

4)Pre Workout :
-1 hour before – Lean source protein – Bowl of chicken/fish/egg whites. (Keep in mind, you cant have paneer before the workout)
-30 mins before – Upma/Oats

OR(Veg) – Slightly large serving of upma


5)Post Workout
-Protein Shake + Water
-1 small serving of fruit (Change it up everyday)

-Grilled lean source of protein – skimmed milk paneer, chicken, fish, egg white omelette

NOTE : 2 cheat meals allowed per week. On days of cheat meals, reduce overall carb intake for the day. And at all costs, avoid desserts.

The #BBsummer diet plan is an easy to follow and EFFECTIVE weight loss diet plan which applies mainly to people from the subcontinent – Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and of course India. All the food items i’ve spoken about are readily available in these countries. The #BBSummer fat loss diet plan is going to take you from where youa re right now to fat burning heaven. get ready to achieve the beach body of your dreams.

Searching for a diet plan to lose weight fast? Look no further. This diet plan to lose weight fast Indian style, is all you need. This is also a great diet to reduce belly fat for men and women. Free diet plans have never been this easy to follow. This Indian fat loss diet is all you need!


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