Diet and Healthy Recipes – Video : Diet Plan Which Will Help You Lose 8 Kg In Only 7 Days!


Diet Plan Which Will Help You Lose 8 Kg In Only 7 Days!



Diet Plan Which Will Help You Lose 8 Kg In Only 7 Days!
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If you want to look good in your swimsuit, to lose some weight or you’re not satisfied with your body shape, you should try the “General Motors” diet plan. This company created a seven-day dietary plan that helps you to lose five to eight kilograms. Follow the plan and the body weight can be reduced in one week.

1st Day: Eat just fruits.

During the first day you should eat only fruit. Eat them when you feel hungry or you want some snack. Drink water, at least eight glasses. The best choices are the peaches, custard apples, cantaloupe, strawberries and watermelon, but you should avoid bananas.

2nd Day: Eat just vegetables.

The second day you should eat only vegetables, as much as you can, raw or cooked by without oil or salt. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water.

3rd Day: Vegetables and fruits.

You can eat vegetables and fruit every time you feel hungry, except for potatoes ad bananas. Drink a lot of water.

4th Day: Bananas and milk.

This day is about milk and bananas and you should drink three to four glasses of milk and eat at least eight bananas.

5th Day: Rice and tomatoes.

This day you are allowed to eat six tomatoes during the day and only a cup of rice for lunch. You should increase the water intake to fifteen glasses as the body produces more uric acid because of the tomatoes.

6th Day: Rice and vegetables.

Eat only one cup of cooked rice for your lunch and eat your preferable vegetable during the day. Drink eight to twelve glasses of water.

7th Day: The grand finale.

This day you may eat one cup of cooked rice for your lunch, vegetables and squeezed juice during the day. The juice gives the perfect ending to this amazing diet as it eliminates the system’s toxins.

This diet is great for losing weight without starvation just eat the right food when you are hungry. It is perfect because it is very healthy and effective.