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Diabetic Diet | Plan For Diabetes



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♥ Important Note ♥
Banana stem is excellent for diabetes as it doesnot raise the blood sugar levels sharply is high in fiber it will help people suffering from constipation..banana stem juice keeps sugar levels in reduces gall bladder stones and kidney stones..

♥ Health Benefits of Banana Stems ♥
Being high in potassium and vitamin B6, banana stem helps regulate the body’s production of hemoglobin and insulin. This helps reduce blood sugar spikes.

That high fiber content not only helps with weight loss, but keeps you regular. It helps loosen blockage and relieve discomfort that comes with constipation

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)►
Banana stem is a diuretic which means it will help flush your system when you have a UTI. This will relieve symptoms and discomfort caused by your UTI. Drink banana stem juice two to three times per week for best results (recipes below).

Weight Loss ►
Banana stems are full of fiber, making them extra filling which keeps you satisfied longer. By being full of the good stuff, theres no room for junk food snacking.

Banana stem’s fiber can aid with ulcers and heartburn. Drink banana stem juice three times per week as an antacid.

Kidney Stones►
Banana stems, when added as a regular part of your diet, can help to prevent kidney and gall stones.

To prepare banana stems:

Remove outer layer of banana stem and wash thoroughly
Slice stem widthwise
Remove ALL soft fibers with index finger
Soak banana stem in cold salted or lime water for an hour