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Candida Diet Plan : Ultimate Anti-Candida Diet For Candida Overgrowth



Discover the ultimate candida diet plan to get rid of your candida overgrowth. Anti-Candida Diet for those suffering from candida yeast overgrowth.

Candida Diet Plan: Anti-Candida Diet for Candida Overgrowth

A thorough candida diet takes three steps, with an initial clean up to improve the diet to help transition into revitalizing the digestive system.

Cleaning Up

New lifestyle and diet habits form when spending a few weeks altering daily habits into permanent behavior. For long term maintenance, your health relies on more than just a candida cleanse in order to prevent recurring problems. Cut back on eating out or getting food on the go, as these habits will not be helpful in recovering from candida symptoms. Chew food thoroughly, and relax when you do it: avoid distractions such as the computer or work.

The cleanup stages include removing processed foods from your diet, and focusing on wholesome meals such as fresh produce and dishes prepared at home. Exercise, avoiding negative people, and enjoying life will provide long-term health. If you aggravate your body any time during any of the stages, back off the diet and ease into the restrictions or additions over time.

Stage 1: The MEVY Diet

The MEVY stands for: Meat, Eggs, Vegetables, and Yogurt. During this stage, remove any remaining traces of processed food in your kitchen. Any cans, bottles, and other items that have been around for weeks, even days, should be thrown out. Avoid white sugar, white flour, sodas, alcohol, and even candy and chocolate.

A good strategy is to go to farmer’s markets to find fresher, locally grown food, or even grow your own to ensure chemical and spray-free produce. If you do shop at a grocery store, go around the walls where produce, meats, and other wholesome ingredients are: avoid the aisles with prepackaged items. Avoid sugars, especially hidden in different sauces, as they are candida foods. Salt should also be avoided as excessive amounts deplete the body of vital nutrients. To know what vegetables and fruits to eat, stock your pantry with deep, green options. Visit for a more comprehensive list on the best foods to have.

When on the MEVY diet for the first three or four weeks, avoid squash and other high carbohydrate items, and items such as sweet corn that contain sugars. This includes pumpkins, zucchini, and similar vegetables. If you have a mild candida infection, these foods may be okay in moderate amounts. The diet itself can last from two weeks up to three months.

Avoid dried fruits, fruit juices, and certain fresh fruits. Blueberries, avocados, green apples, and pomegranates are acceptable, but avoid sweet fruits as they are high in sugar. Mix up the food you consume on a daily basis. A variety of foods can help the immune system and digestive tract.

Meat and eggs that are antibiotic and chemical free are strong considerations for the candida diet to get a good source of amino acids and proteins. Processed meats and any pig lack in nutrition for the body and can upset the digestive tract from cleansing the body of yeast . If you become constipated, back away from meat and incorporate more vegetables into your anti-candida diet plan.

Stage 2: Low Allergy Phase

After the MEVY diet has improved digestion, begin taking out dairy (except small amounts of unsweetened, plain yogurt or kefir, unsalted butter and small amounts of mozzarella and parmesan), and allergenic fruits that include oranges and any similar relatives (lemons and limes are okay), bananas, and pineapple. Remove stevia and xylitol if you have extreme candida for at least one month.

Stage 3: Food Reimplementation

This final portion is for reintroducing foods to build up to a normal diet. Write down any foods you used to have and enjoyed, no matter how unhealthy they were. Rate the foods on a 1-3 scale: 1 being the lowest preferred foods, with a 3 being foods you absolutely love. Begin with category 1 and introduce two foods at a time over a two to four week period. Note any candida symptoms and back away from those foods should they appear. Move up to the second, and then third category over a slow, cautious period of time.

1:17 Step 1 Candida Diet Approach
2:42 Stage One: MEVY Diet Phase
5:26 Foods To Eat & Foods To Avoid
16:05 When To Eat Less Meat
17:24 Stage Two: Low Allergy Phase
20:19 Stage Three: Food Re-Introduction Diet
21:13 Taking Notes of Tricky Foods
23:11 Candida Lifestyle Changes

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