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7 day vegetarian diet plan | vegetarian diet plan | beginner



The Vegetarian Diet Plan-A Simply Smart Guide For Beginning Vegetarians, And Vegans.

10 Tips For New Vegetarians, and Vegans:

1. Use Vegetarian, and Vegan Restaurants – A fantastic resource for for finding vegetarian, and vegan restaurants is You can find a vegetarian, or vegan restaurant in just about any city in the world using Happy Cow.

2. Utilize Vegetarian, and Vegan Support Groups – This could mean anything from a Facebook group, or a vegetarian forum, or some religious groups such as the 7th Day Adventists offer free vegetarian classes.

3. Don’t Judge Meat Eaters – Just because people eat meat, it doesn’t mean they are bad. You made a lifestyle choice and so did they. Be an example, and one day they may make that change for themselves.

4. Collect Vegetarian, and Vegan Recipes – Do get caught in a food rut. There’s lots of choices. Collect, and share recipes with other vegetarians, and vegans. Check out Facebook, and make some vegetarian/vegan friends.

5. Lentils and Beans – Lentils and beans will give you an excellect source of protein, fiber, iron, along with other things your body needs as a vegetarian/vegan. It’s very simple to combine them into many different types of foods. There is a diverse amount of ethnic foods that utilize beans and lentils as a fantastic, and hearty combination. Females especially should eat more lentils and beans to avoid getting anemic.

6. Vitamin B12 – is important for the overall health of your nervous system. It is generally located in animal products. A vegetarian/vegan diet does give you enough B12. A good multi vitamin will work, as will soy milk.

7. Calcium – We calcium for our bones, and teeth. There are lots of other choices besides dairy products for obtaining calcium. Dark leafy greens are an outstanding choice. You can get large amounts from drinking orange juice that has calcium added. Other sources include molasses, tofu, soy products.

8. Vitamin D – Vitamin D is important for strong bones. Get out in the sun for 15 minutes per day, or take a vitamin D pill.

9. Omega 3 – Omega-3 fatty acids aid in keeping your cholesterol in check.Omega 3’s an abundant in flax seeds, walnuts, fish, almonds, and cloves.

10. Make Sure You Stay Hydrated – Drinking plenty of water is important for everyone. It is very important for vegetarians/vegans to keep your system operating at it’s highest levels.

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